Peaceful Schools

At Parkview, we continually strive to establish and maintain a physically and emotionally safe and peaceful school. We review and revise our program regularly to reflect on and improve our understanding of how to teach students the skills, that they need to live together peacefully, in this ever-changing environment.

It is our hope that the knowledge, skills and attitudes Parkview students acquire through our peace education and character education programs, become integral to who they are and to how they choose to conduct themselves, at school and in society, throughout their lives.

We are determined to make Parkview the best it can be. A safe and peaceful school is a responsibility shared equally among staff, administration, students, parents and members of our community. It is a responsibility we all need to take seriously;learning to live well together requires constant effort and determination.


 Responsibility  Sept-Oct
 Collaboration  Nov-Dec
 Self-Regulation  Jan-Feb
 Kindness  Mar-Apr
 Initiative  May-Jun



December: 3Cs for Kids supporting the Children's Hospital

March: Random Acts of Kindness

May-June: Food Drive supporting the Women's Rural Resource Centre in Strathroy

SPIRIT DAYS 2018-2019

International Peace Day

September 21

Black and Orange Day

October 31

Wacky Hair and Sock Day

November 30

Holiday Hat Day

December 21

Sports Day

January 25

Pyjama Day

February 22

Career Day

March 29

Costume Day

April 26

Dress Alike Day

May 31

Green and White (Parkview Day)

June 14

Canada Day

June 21