Class of 2020

Hello, Parkview Parents!

Medway's Family Night is fast approaching (please see date/time below). To support course selection efforts, the Medway team will be sharing information on course pathways with you. Please plan to attend this event, as it will give you great insight into opportunities available for your child.

In the weeks and months to come, I'm looking forward to sitting down with each student to complete their Student Learning Individual Profile (SLIP). This document will be sent to high schools in June and will give your child's educators greater insight into the unique interests, abilities, strengths, and areas for growth/opportunity that make your child the amazing human being they are. One of the components of the SLIP is the consideration of Global Competencies, so I've had our Grade 8s considering their strengths and areas of opportunity in the six categories. These competencies are particularly relevant for 21st Century Learners as we consider the various skills that will enable them to meet and take on the challenges of a world in a constant state of change.

In addition to listing important dates in this forum, I'll also share information from specific high schools with you. Please see below for the information I shared with students in our Class of 2020 Google Classroom regarding the Bealart Program.

Here are some dates to keep in mind ...

  • *November 19th to 27th - Grade 7 & 8 Parents/Guardians Math Night (copy and paste the following link to register for your preferred date/location:
  • Wednesday, November 27th - Medway High School Tour (all grade 8 students are encouraged to attend; permission forms have gone home--please return ASAP)
  • Thursday, November 28th - Medway Family Night @ 7PM (all students and parents are welcome)
  • Wednesday, December 4th - Risky Business: When Adolescent Behaviour Crosses the Line (a free community workshop, from 7-8:30PM)
  • Tuesday, December 10th - SNOW DATE: Medway Family Night
  • Thursday, January 16th - Strathroy District Collegiate Institute (SDCI) Grade Eight Family Information Night from 6:00-8:00PM
  • **January 6th to February 10th - Grade 9 Course Selection (please see note below)
  • January 11th to February 29th - Winter Club for Girls (please see details below)
  • Thursday, February 6 - Byron Pizza Night fundraiser for Grade 8 Grad
  • Friday, February 14th- Registration Deadline for SDCI feeder elementary schools and all Out of Area Registrations. Click here to access SDCI's Guidance page and the link to the Guidance Calendar in the Registration section.
  • Thursday, May 7 - Byron Pizza Night fundraiser for Grade 8 Grad
  • June 24th - Grad Ceremony and Celebration!

We will add these dates to the Parkview Calendar, so please be sure to subscribe to the calendar itself. Check in regularly to this Class of 2020 page (don't forget to subscribe below) and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Mrs. Moore-Nash, your Guidance Lead.

* Please note the revised date for the Parkside CI session. It is now on Monday, November 25th from 6:30-8:00PM.

** Medway High School course selection booklets and registration documents will be sent home with your child just before the holidays. If your child will be going to another TVDSB secondary school, we will still be assisting your family with the transition. As a parent, you will be considering your child's abilities, interests, and skillsets in order to select the courses and pathways best suited to your child. We, as a team, will work with you and your child, supporting you throughout this process. Click here for information about secondary school registration, but please know that we will be giving you more specific details in the weeks to come to facilitate the transition to secondary school for each of our Parkview graduates.


The breakdown of Course Pathways below is courtesy of Medway H.S.

Please read over the criteria of the course levels and select the stream that BEST suits your child for success.





The provided profiles for Locally Developed, Applied and Academic give a wonderful overview of the necessary achievement level that your child needs, as well as what will be expected of them as courses are in progress. It is our hope that students honestly reflect on their abilities and achievement to determine the pathway that will provide not only a challenge, but that will also allow for their greatest success.

If you are looking for more information regarding Enrichment opportunities, Special Education Resources, Developmental Classes, ESL and specialized programs offered by specific high schools, you are encouraged to contact Mrs. Jen Parker, your Learning Support Teacher (LST), and/or Mrs. Rheba Moore-Nash, your Guidance Lead.

Common Questions

Q: How will my child register?
A: Course selections are completed on myBlueprint. Once high schools have opened up their course selections (in January), students can make their choices. Additional paperwork may be required depending on the school they choose.

Q: What is the deadline for course selections for 2019-2020 school year?
A: Grade 8 applications are due by Monday, February 10th. (See note above for SDCI.)

Q: If my child takes applied courses, will they close doors for University?
A: Not necessarily. If your child is interested in University, English must be taken at the Advanced Level, all other courses can be looked at with a Guidance Counsellor.

Q: I wasn’t on the student tour, and I want to see the school my child is interested in. How do I do that?
A: Many high schools have an OPEN HOUSE on a select night in the winter for students and parents in the evening. We will share these dates with students so you are aware, but you can also contact our school as well as the high schools to find out when these are offered.

Q: If my child has SEA equipment, will it travel to their next school?
A: In short, yes. Any additional equipment that has been approved by the board will continue, provided they are staying within Thames Valley District School Board.

Q: Will my child keep their Google Account (i.e., GAFE - Drive, Gmail, etc.) once they transfer to high school?
A: Yes, provided that they stay within Thames Valley District School Board. Student Google Accounts are the property of TVDSB.

Q: If my child wants to get ahead with courses, can they take a course over the summer?
A: Yes. Courses are not yet available for summer 2020, but classes would be for the full month of July from Monday to Friday and from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm. It is the expectation that students can be driven to the school hosting the course. No transportation will be provided. Last summer, courses that were offered included Canadian Geography, English, Mathematics and Science for both Applied and Academic in all subjects listed. There is also an opportunity for eLearning Courses, but Grade 9 courses will be determined in the next few months. 

Q: Will my child have to write EQAO in high school?
A: Yes, in Grade 9 students write EQAO for math, and a portion of assessment will be used in a student’s final grade. In grade 10, students will write the Literacy EQAO. Students need to pass this test in order to graduate from high school.


Bealart Program

The art department at H.B. Beal Secondary School (Bealart) offers an enriched art program at the grade 9 and 10 level. This program has proven to be very successful for students, and is often a stepping-stone to our senior multi-credit art program. Each year we hope to provide elementary schools with information about this opportunity. This information can be provided through email, a class visit by one of our instructors, or via our website at 

What We Offer

The enriched art program allows students to work in studio spaces and with materials that were once reserved for senior students. This includes ceramics, photography, drawing, printmaking, animation, sculpture, as well as oil, watercolour and acrylic painting. Students have the opportunity to move between studio areas, instead of working in the same room every day, and have access to appropriate studio equipment and instruction. There is a strong focus on making artwork that is directed by students and meaningful each individual student.

Entry Requirements

The program entry requirements are meant to attract students who have adequate interest. Skill level is not a factor. The requirements include a portfolio interview and a questionnaire. (This form can be found on our website at, as well as in your child's Class of 2020 Google Classroom.) Bealart teachers conduct portfolio interviews, and students are requested to bring some artwork and/or a sketchbook with them (photos of artwork is also acceptable). The number and type of artworks is up the student. If a student does not have work to show, they may still attend the interview. The purpose is to ensure adequate interest.

Dates and Times

Interviews are conducted in November, January and the first half of February, in the art department in the basement of Beal. Parking is across the street off of King Street. Students should bring their questionnaire form filled out and their portfolio items with them. No appointment necessary. First come, first serve. November interviews are conducted on the following dates:

Early registration portfolio interview and open house are on the following dates:

November 5, 4-6pm
November 7, 7-9pm
November 12, 4-6pm
November 14, 7-9pm

Registration Portfolio Interviews in 2020 are as follows:

January 7, 4-6pm
January 9, 7-9pm
January 14, 4-6pm
January 16, 7-9pm
February 4, 4-6pm
February 6, 7-9pm
February 11, 4-6pm
February 13, 7-9pm

All Registrations with TVDSB be completed by February 16, 2019.

Note* Transportation to school is not provided until students are in the grade 11 multi-credit program, however, some of our out of town or out of area students manage to get a spot on school busses taking senior students to Beal, that were not at full capacity. Many of our students take public transportation or get a ride with relatives who work in London.

A member of the art staff would be happy to come and speak to your grade 8 class about Junior Enriched Bealart or to drop off informative materials. To book a visit please send me an email.


Ms. Shawn Siegrist
Art Teacher, Bealart, H.B. Beal S.S.


RISKY BUSINESS: When Adolescent Behaviour Crosses the Line

Wednesday, December 4th from 7-8:30PM at A.B. Lucas Secondary School, 656 Tennent Ave.

A FREE community workshop about helping teens mature into self-reliant adults

In this FREE community workshop for parents, guardians and educators, registered psychotherapist
Elizabeth Van Ryn, the Family Program Director at Pine River Institute, will share knowledge and expertise gained over the course of more than a decade working with parents and adolescents.
Workshop participants will come away better equipped to understand their developing adolescent and the importance of open communication, mutual respect and appropriate boundaries. Giving practical solutions to some common problems, you will learn about how to support a teen’s transition to high school effectively and successfully. This session is for you if you ever worry about your child/student and the following:

  • defiance, disrespectful behaviour or bad attitude
  • faltering or failing grades
  • lying or stealing
  • sexual activity
  • choice of peers
  • substance use
  • self-harm or cutting
  • eating disorders
  • other risky behaviours

Click here to register.


Winter Club

Discovery Western has a proud tradition of promoting the participation of young women in engineering. One of their premier programs in this area is their Winter Girls Club. Winter Girls Club runs for seven Saturdays in the Spencer Engineering Building on Western University's campus during the months of January to March. The specific dates for the program are January 11 to February 29, 2020, excluding February 17. The cost for the program is $135, which includes meeting with mentors, take-home projects, snacks, a t-shirt and much more! Registration is now open.

Grades 6-8: 1pm-3pm | Program Outline

  • January 11: Chemical Engineering | Aww You Made Me Ink
  • January 18: Mechatronic Systems Engineering | LEGO Robotics 
  • January 25: Electrical Engineering | Logic Gates
  • February 1: Civil Engineering | Ain't No Mountain High Enough
  • February 8: Mechanical Engineering | Pneumatic Labyrinths
  • February 17: No program due to Family Day 
  • February 22: Software and Computer Engineering | Ardunio Composers 
  • February 29: Parents Week | A Leg to Stand On

The online registration page is available here: Online Club Registration. It is recommended that you use Chrome for online registration.