Culture for Learning

Safe Schools
Safe Schools
In order for effective learning to take place, students, staff, families, and community members need to partner to ensure that all students feel respected, safe and welcome. At Parkview we are committed to a positive learning environment for all students. Please read the following policies.

Parkview's Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan (BPIP)

Safe Schools Action Plan

Parkview's Code of Conduct

Parkview Dress Code

Use of Electronics at school (coming soon)

Social Media (coming soon)


Be sure to view the #TVDSBinclusive video.

For more information, please visit the TVDSB Safe Schools page

Peaceful Schools
Peaceful Schools

Since 1994, Parkview has been a member of Peaceful Schools International. Our goal is to keep Parkview a safe and peaceful place for all students and staff. Check out our Peaceful Schools page for details on our events, fundraisers, and spirit days!