Inclement Weather Guidelines

Expectations with Snow/Bus Cancellation Days

With winter being upon us, we want to share our revised Parkview P.S. procedures on snow/bus cancellation days. It is imperative that parents and guardians take the time now to establish alternate arrangements for pick up at the end of the school day. Together we can work to ensure that the transitions in and out of the school each day are safe and efficient for all students and their families. At Parkview Public School, in order to ensure safe arrival and dismissal, we ask that you follow the procedures outlined below.

Morning Drop Off

Please note: There is no supervision until 8:45 AM, therefore students should not be dropped off until this time.

  • The Parking lot and laneway are closed to all but staff and Board personnel until the 9:00 AM drop off is completed.

  • We ask that you park your car in a designated spot and walk your students to the school. As a reminder the “drive to five” locations are Queen St. and the Community Centre parking lot. Students will be directed by staff to walk safely along the sidewalk, past the gym, to their designated yards.

  • Please ensure that you make your end of the day arrangements, and deliver your farewells in a prompt fashion, to ensure that all students are able to begin their learning day at 9:00 AM.

Afternoon Dismissal

The afternoon dismissal will look very different compared to past years’ dismissal procedures. In order to maintain established cohorts, we will be dismissing students by their bus numbers. Parents, please confirm the bus your child travels on to and from school. This information can be found in My Big Yellow Bus Parent Portal.

  • The parking lot and the laneway are closed to everyone at 3:00 PM and will reopen at 3:45 PM.

  • If you are currently employed at the school and parked in our parking lot, we ask that you do not move your vehicle until all students are safely dismissed at 3:45 PM

  • All drivers are requested to park on a side street, in a designated parking area, and walk to the school to pick up their child/children. Queen St., the Community Centre and designated side roads are options for parking.

  • Only drivers with accessibility permits will be allowed into the parking lot during dismissal time. Please identify to the staff who are on duty, that you require accessibility parking and have your permit visible. These drivers will be asked to wait until 3:45 PM to leave school property.

  • Our school day does not end until 3:30 PM and every instructional minute is valued. We ask that you allow your student to attend to the end of the instructional day, unless there is an emergency and/or medical appointment. We will be dismissing students based on their bus lines and/or regular walkers. All students will be ready at 3:20 PM for dismissal procedures. We ask that all parents wear a mask to pick up their children and identify themselves to the staff member supervising the line. Please see the attached map for your child/children’s pick up location. 




Where to meet your children:

  • ALL Kindergarten students will be dismissed for pick up starting at 3:20 PM at the Kindergarten gate.

  • Bussed Students: Please refer back to the above map for where to pick up your student(s) at 3:30 PM.
    • Bussed Students who are not picked up by 3:40 PM, will be brought into the office and parents will be called. 

Once again, please ensure that you check in with the staff member assigned to each bus line. Thank you for working with us to ensure the safety of our students and supporting us in minimizing the disruptions to the learning day.