Our Staff

Welcome to Parvkiew's 2023-2024 Staff page.
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Early Years

J. Mann, J. Leung
M. Smith, N. Garcia
S. Dubeau, L. Sharrow
K. Kuiack, M. King
K. Fraleigh, A. Riley
R. Therrien (Outdoor Ed.)

Grade 1

A. Caicco
D. Shipley

J. Tonn

Grade 2

M. Mould
A. Thornton

Grade 2/3

L. Petersen

Grade 3

L. Borg

K. Ngo

Grade 3/4

V. Beal

Grade 4

J. Cyros
J. Hogg

Grade 5

E. Balogh
J. Whitty

Grade 5/6

D. Perkins

Grade 6

C. Kim
M. MacKay

Grade 7

D. Klein
J. Velema

Grade 7/8

S. March

Grade 8

S. Trudgeon
J. Williamson


J. Pratt


D. Annis


D. Cartwright
J. Field

Learning Support

F. Emanuele
J. Parker
D. Locker


C. Mitchell
P. Moorhouse


M. Virtue

Learning Commons

C. Simpson
K. Bennett

Primary Phys. Ed.

M. Giancola

Educational Assistants

J. Ackworth
K. Mulhall
S. Young
T. Gibson
L. Johnson
J. Kennedy
V. Marshall
K. Pinsonneault
A. Rodriguez


C. Degroot
W. Parsons
S. Fleming