Class of 2021

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the Parkview Public School's Class of 2021 page. If you're on this page, you are blessed to call one of our amazing intermediate students your own. Don't let the name deceive you. Though much of the information will address our soon-to-be grads, I will also be sharing information that is pertinent for Grade 7 and even Grade 6 students, particularly as we near the end of the school year. I will keep a calendar below to let you know of any dates that will be relevant to you as a family. Please subscribe to this page (scroll to the bottom) to ensure that you receive regular updates.

We feel so blessed to have so many of our students back in the building with us, and though we do have students participating in Full Remote Learning this year they are still welcome to check in for updates, particularly with regards to high school course selection and registration, Grade 8 graduation, summer learning opportunities, and so on.

This is such an incredible time for intermediate students, as they begin to think of the next chapter in their academic journey. This year we know things are going to look very different. Nonetheless, I want you to rest assured that our TVDSB high schools are working hard to determine how to make those important connections with students, families, and staff in order to share all the information needed to support the transition to high school. And the team here at Parkview will always be here to support each of our students and their families throughout this part of their journey, as well.

In the upcoming weeks before the Christmas Break, Grade 7 and 8 students whose parents have not opted out will be given the opportunity to complete the Every Student Belongs survey. A letter regarding the survey was sent home on Friday, November 27th. Those intermediate students participating in the survey will complete it between December 9th and 18th. This is a voluntary survey, the purpose of which is to collect information to better serve all students and families.

It is such a privilege for me to get to work with our students again this year as your Guidance Lead. Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions as they arise. Again, please subscribe to this page and stay tuned for updates. I look forward to working with you.


Warm regards,

Mrs. Moore-Nash
Vice-Principal/Guidance Lead



Important Dates for 2021 Graduates


November-December - Bealart is holding information sessions, Q&A and campus tours via Google Meet on the following dates:

  • November 26th & 27th 10am & 12pm
  • December 3rd & 4th  10am & 12pm
  • December 9th 7-8pm (new date)

Please click here for information on application requirements for the Bealart program.

December - Every Student Belongs Survey

December 21st to January 1st - Christmas Break - Use this time to review course options (this is the link for last year's Medway calendar. It says 2020-21, but there will be updates. It is important to know that Grade 9 math is being de-streamed for 2021) with your child on myBlueprint. Please do not submit any selections on myBlueprint. This will be done at school with the support of your Guidance Lead, classroom teacher, and LST.

January - Tentative Virtual Medway High School tour. The Medway team is working on the logistics of this.

Week of January 4th - Medway packages arrive at Parkview and myBlueprint opens for course selection. Official course selection will happen at school with the support of the school team. Please do not submit selections from home.

January 7th - The live, virtual IB Family Information Night has been rescheduled for this date (a Thursday) from 7:00 to 8:30 pm. This virtual meeting will be recorded and shared on Oakridge’s website for future viewing. Families can find more information on the Oakridge website:

January 4th - February 12th - Discussions with students and families around course selection. We're always here to help you make informed choices with regards to pathways for your child.

February 15th - 19th - high school pre-registration through myBlueprint (dates might be different for Strathroy District Collegiate Institute)


Learning Resources

tvo Mathify




High School Information


H.B. Beal Secondary School

The team at H.B. Beal Secondary School would like to introduce a unique opportunity that exists for your students to participate in an enriched visual art experience as they enter grade 9.  The Bealart Grade 9 Enriched Visual Art program offers students a chance to take advantage of the unique facilities found at Bealart that do not exist anywhere else in Canada. They explore techniques and processes using art-making equipment and technology that rivals most post-secondary institutions. The tools available at Bealart allow students to create artworks that are not able to be made anywhere else in the district! Bealart has specialized studio facilities in Ceramics, Printmaking, Animation & Moving Image, Sculpture and 21st Century media, such as 3D scanning and printing, programmatic electronics, and much more!

At Bealart, they believe that skills, technique and style should be in service of well-formed thinking and they challenge students to develop, research and present their own ideas. Their program teaches students to consider the consequences of their creativity—to be responsible to the environment and those around them for the artifacts they create. Bealart Grade 9 Enriched Visual Art is a rigorous program that will challenge students not only in visual communication but oral and written communication as well. The program is well suited to students thinking about entering the creative industries, engineering, science and architecture.

  • Registration requires an online portfolio review which is due on or before January 15th.
  • TVDSB students may submit their portfolio to the Google Classroom – Classroom code: xtr4h35
  • Beal is holding information sessions, Q&A and campus tours via Google Meet on the following dates
    • November 26 & 27 10am & 12pm
    • December 3 & 4  10am & 12pm
    • December 9th 7-8pm (new date)

Registration & Portfolio Reviews

To attend Bealart, we require that you participate in an online portfolio review of your artistic accomplishments! Don’t worry! We are not judging you! We want to know what stage you are at so that we can best serve you! 

 Application Requirements (also found on the website

Grade 9 Enriched

Bussing is not available for the Grade 9 Enriched program

 If you have any questions about Bealart, please visit the website:



Upcoming Events


Every Student Belongs Survey