Dress Code

Parkview’s Dress Code ensures students’ expression of individuality and personal choice while maintaining our culture of respect, safety and peaceful co-existence.

All students, staff and volunteers are required to dress appropriately for the position they hold at the school and to adhere to the requirements of Parkview’s Dress Code.


  • Clothing and jewelry must be free from inappropriate language and/or graphics (weapons, profanity, vulgarity, discrimination, racism, prejudice, derogatory comments, suggestive text or graphics, advertising for products or services which are illegal for minors to purchase).
  • Undergarments should not be visible. The midriff must be covered. Clothing should fit appropriately (skin tight clothing is discouraged).
  • Dresses, skirts and shorts should be no shorter than the tip of the thumb when arms are at sides and must not be revealing during reasonable movement.
  • Footwear must be appropriate for safe participation in all types of school activities (flip-flops are discouraged for safety reasons). Students are expected to have indoor and outdoor footwear and remove outdoor shoes and boots before entering the classroom, lab, library and gym. Running shoes with non-marking soles as well as suitable gym clothing are required for Phys. Ed.
  • Headwear is not to be worn inside the school except on special occasions as determined by the school administration. (Exceptions may be granted by the school administration for medical conditions or religious reasons consistent with the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.)
  • Care should be taken to ensure that outdoor wear is free of anything that may become entangled in playground equipment and thus create a safety concern (e.g., scarves and drawstrings).

Finally, all students and staff (JK-8) are expected to comply with the Parkview Dress Code, as defined, on school grounds or while participating in school functions.

Infractions of the Dress Code will result in students being asked to change/cover/remove/turn inside-out inappropriate attire. Non-compliance may result in warnings, parental contact or other disciplinary action as determined by administration.

Written by a team of Parkview School Administration, Teachers, Parents and Students